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Thread: URGENT 1 week left of warranty + broken Macbook

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    URGENT 1 week left of warranty + broken Macbook
    Hey guys, I have a black Macbook 2.16ghz core 2 duo, 160gb HDD, 2x1gb (upgraded from the original 2x512mb sticks that I bought it with). I have searched and know there are other threads on these forums to do with faulty HDDs - but my issue is a bit more than that....

    So, here is my problem. Last night, I was using my macbook at a friends house, everything was fine. Then suddenly, web browser crashed, I tried to force quit but I couldn't get the 'apple' menu up - and other programs were now crashed - the whole machine had effectively frozen.

    The Macbook started making clicking noises from what sounded like the top right corner of the keyboard (but which I have now realised is actually the HDD)

    So anyway, I held the power button down to turn off, left it off for about five minutes. I then restarted and I got the usual hardware chime followed up by the apple symbol and the rotating progress bar.

    It stayed like that for about 3 minutes when, surprise surprise, I got the question mark folder icon - which I have never seen before, but knew it meant HDD problem.

    Anyway, I've reseated the hard drive, attempted booting with mac os x installation CDs (the Tiger ones that came with my macbook) and when it asks where the installation should go I have no hard drive - just network boot and the tiger CD icons in disk utility (when booting from the CD).

    So now, on boot, the clicking and squeaking noises are still there (coming from the HDD) and the question mark folder icon is still up. Everything is saying dead HDD right?

    Well, here is the rub, I bought this macbook on the 20th June 2007 - that means I have until Friday for the repairs warranty, and I have not renewed applecare.

    I am prepared to buy more applecare for 199GBP considering the tight time frame I have here. However, I am wondering if this is possible - does buying applecare from the applesite require a working macbook to install and register on?

    What is the best course of action here...?

    Thanks guys, I'm really freaking out a bit.

    UPDATE: Having just searched a bit more around this forum and others I got through to an apple site page where I could check my warranty - this is what i got.

    Quote Originally Posted by Apple
    Our records indicate that your product is covered under Apple's Limited Warranty which is estimated to expire on 19 June 2010.

    Your product is not eligible for complimentary phone support.

    If you believe that this information is inaccurate, learn how to update your coverage status. Please put your sales receipt in a safe place. You will need it for warranty validation.

    Extend your service and support coverage for your product with the AppleCare Protection Plan. If you have already purchased an AppleCare Protection Plan, make sure you have registered it.
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    im havinn a similar issue as u...
    read my thread
    it sucks!!!!

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    Call Apple! Or go to a store asap.

    If it is a HDD issue (and it does sound like it), than they might replace it for you.

    If you can get it in before the 19th, that's great, if not you can still replace it pretty easily yourself. So I would say the AppleCare is up to you really.

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    Yea they should take it no problem, or if money isn't a problem this is a good excuse to put a bigger and faster drive in yourself!
    -Zach, A.C.T.

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    Purchasing Apple Care is up to you, however, since the machine is still under warranty, very definitely take it in and let them replace the hard drive. Your problem is really whether or not you'll be able to save your data from the dead drive. Hopefully you've been making backups.


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    maybe he wants to save his data??? wont the apple store just replace it?
    maybe he has sensitive information on therE?

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    While it is ironically one of the more important components of a Macbook, the hard drive is one of the easiest and cheapest of components to replace. You can pick up a SATA drive that is of way higher capacity for about US$120 and have it in place in ten minutes. This without even going through the Apple store.

    All the other components that like to fail out of warrantee like the screen, logic board, DVD drive etc. are in the US$500+ to repair.

    In your case the question is it more cost effective to replace the HDD? Or extend your warrantee through Apple Care then once you've done that take it to them and say "fix this" in which case they'll replace your drive and then your covered for any other failures down the road. It's cheaper just to replace the drive yourself, but there is a peace of mind with the AC. I have it on both our Macbooks and have invoked it numerous times thus it has nearly paid for itself. I got it with my Macbook on initial purchase, and extended it on my wife's Macbook when out-of-warrantee time came, so I know we're covered assuming I don't spill any cabernet on it.

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    Let's not get insulting guys.

    Off to the Mac store tomorrow. Also buy a back up drive and case. It is essential to back up with modern operating systems and bulk files.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacNewbie View Post
    maybe he wants to save his data??? wont the apple store just replace it?
    maybe he has sensitive information on therE?
    I think that's what is holding him back. The store may be able to mount your old HDD in an external HDD case and transfer the data to your new HDD (if the old one isn't too badly corrupted.) Sometimes placing a failing HDD in a freezer can give it a little more life before it goes completely belly up.
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    you have more than 7 days left there bud. it says 2010!

    Im curious to how you have apple care,or @ least your serial says it does, but dont have the 3yrs of phone support to go with it?

    does this strike anyone else as odd?

    do you have apple care or not? PM me your serial if you want, ill take a look...
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    if you go to you can find out for yourself if you are in warranty.

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    Hi guys, thanks for all replies.

    Turns out my strange warranty is due to the fact that I bought it with a student discount and therefore get 3 years repair coverage, but only the usual 3 months phone cover.

    I'm probably not going to send it away for repairs just yet however, I would rather buy a larger drive and install it myself - simply because its less hassle than sending it away and then have it sent back to me/having to answer questions about how the drive died.

    Thanks again for all the help guys,

    In the mean time, does anyone have any experience with buying new hard drives for macbook? At the moment I'm looking 5400rpm 200-320gb drives - but im considering going for a 7200 160gb one (my old 160gb was 5400)
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