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    Who Has ever made their own music in GarageBand? (POLL)
    Has anybody in made a simple 30-second song using GarageBand?

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    I do pretty frequently.

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    You should have made a Poll to go with it.

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    Are you kidding? I'm actually starting to record a desktop-recording album with it! I love GarageBand! The album's going to be called Cooler By The Lake. So far I've only gotten one verse down of one track, and it's a cheesy instrumental called "The Happy L." (For analogy, think some of the stuff from The Many Moods of Murry Wilson.)

    BTW....I'm sure a lot of folks know about this already, but I found this site when I was searching for free loops/samples:

    It's basically an online forum for recording artists who use GarageBand. You can get GarageBand help, bounce creative ideas off others, pimp your music, and even receive monetary support for your work.

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    YEah i did that kind of stuff 2 years ago when I first bought this iBook G4 i'm using.

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