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    Question To get or not to get.. Applecare Warranty..
    I recently purchased a Mac book and I was wondering if it's really worth it to shell out the extra $200 for the extended warranty?
    I didn't initially purchase the warranty but from what I read I have up to the first year to purchase it. Is that correct? Whats the time limit on purchasing the warranty?
    Does it cover accidents such as dropping or spilling something on the Mac book?


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    You have up until the end of your 1 year warranty to purchase Apple Care.

    Apple Care does not cover spills, dropping your MacBook, accidental damage from misuse, etc. If you're looking for something to cover these types of incidents go here: Also covers theft.

    Is it worth it to purchase Apple Care? Look up prices on how much it would cost you to replace a logic board or the display after your warranty expires.


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    I think its worth it, while they say they don't cover accidental damage, some things they will still fix. Spills and broken screens, no, but Apple is usually pretty good with just about everything else. I have worked with over 2k apple machines under their warranty and have had hundreds of shipments to their local depot. 95% of the time they fix the issue no questions asked.
    -Zach, A.C.T.

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    This is not my personal experience but a friend of mine has a MBP for about 18 months so far and he had to bring the laptop to technical support couple of times (case, keyboard, screen). He never got any problems. Another good point is the global support as he bought his MBP in France and had to repair it in Australia.

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