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Thread: Hard drive Space??

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    Question Hard drive Space??
    Hi guys,
    i bought a PB a week ago and this is the 1st mac that i have owned so i have lots of questions that i need answers to!!
    The thing that is on my mind at the moment is the size of the hard drive. i purchased a 15" superdrive with 80gb of hard drive space. I havent installed any programmes at the moment but the free space that I have is 66.57gb.
    where has the space gone??

    thanks for your explanations in advance.

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    Most likely a combination of the Mac OS X which takes up a fair chunk of the disk, and the fact that drives are advertised in gigabytes but free space reported in gibibytes. Two completely different measurements but often mistakenly quoted with the same term (GB) so hard drive manufacturers make their drives sound larger than they really are. That's why 4.7GB DVDs are actually 4.3GiB, 180GB drives are really 160GiB etc.

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    wow, osx takes a lot of mem.. windoze is only like less than 6 gig for me ><

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    Quote Originally Posted by pkny
    wow, osx takes a lot of mem.. windoze is only like less than 6 gig for me ><
    yip, but windows is not really the same as Mac OS X. That would be like comparing a Fiat Panda to a Mercedes. :mac:

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    the basic mac os x only takes up about 3 gigs, if you installed ilife 04, thats another 3 gigs, and any apps, fonts, screensavers, etc all add up.

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