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Thread: Price points?

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    Price points?
    I've heard several people make the suggestion that now is not a good time to buy a Powerbook because Apple will be releasing an update soon. However, for those of us on a budget, will the updated Powerbooks come out at exactly the same price points as the current crop, or will they be a bit more expensive for a while and then slowly decline as the system ages?

    From what I gather, the next Powerbook update won't be anything huge, so might it not be a good idea to get one now before having to pay extra for the new model?

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    They tend to be lower or similar in price...
    Besides, if new ones are released, the current ones would drop in price, meaning you have a choice:

    -pay x now, get current model
    -pay x later, get latest model
    -pay x-something later, get now-current, then old model

    So it pays to wait if you can. If you need the machine right now, get it. If you can hold on: hold on to that cash...

    Especially since you can currently get an iBook at similar speed for much less...

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