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    Mouse Flickering-MB Pro
    Hi everyone!

    I'm experiencing something weird on my macbook pro 15" model. The mouse starts flickering some times. I just noticed today that if i touch the trackpad only then it flickers; on the other hand if i touch e.g. the other hand or another finger outside the trackpad area while using the trackpad at the same time, then it works fine. This is not a constant issue, but it's still a problem and it bugs me more knowing that this macbook ain't even two months old.
    Has anyone of you experienced the same thing? Can anyone guide me on this?


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    Did you try restarting...

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    restart doesn't help bcoz it's a constant issue...flickering doesn't happen evreytime i use can say 3 out of 5 times it happens. and i'm sure this can't be a software issue too cuz i also have windows on it and this happens both in leopard and windows. so any guess wat might be wrong and what shud i do?

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