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Thread: Low brightness on start-up

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    Low brightness on start-up
    For a while now, my laptop has been starting up with the brightness set as low as it can go.

    When I turn the laptop on, the apple logo comes up as normal and does the wee spinning thing that it does before I am prompted with my username and password entry fields.

    I have to type my password without being able to see the password field as the brightness is as low as it can go. The laptop then starts to log me in, and once I hear it stop making noises, I am able to turn the brightness up so I can actually see something.

    I never turn the laptop's brightness right down, so why does it start up like this?

    Any possible solutions you have would be appreciated.

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    Ok, I have something similar yet different happening to my MBP.

    After my MBP goes to sleep it seems to re-start with a very dull screen. The colours are not vibrant, it is like I am looking at the screen through a lot of fog. I checked everything and the levels have not changed, and the only way to correct it is to re-start it.

    It has now happened about 5 times. Anyone know what this is?

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