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    Another MacBook that won't turn on.

    So I have a Macbook that I purchased in April 2007. I don't have applecare. Things had been working out fine until about six weeks ago when it would only hold a battery charge until 12%, and then a while later it would turn off when it got to 18% and most recently 32%. About three or four times over the past two weeks when I would turn it back on it would get to the blue screen but not to my login screen. Then I would have to restart it and was prompted to login, per usual.

    So yesterday, at 81% it just turned off and won't turn back on. I charged it overnight to no avail. I took out the battery and tried to turn it on without the battery (just the power adapter), which didn't work. I replaced the battery and still got nothing. I tried our other power adapter (my boyfriend has the same macbook) and that didn't work either.

    I don't know too much about computers- I've had two other laptop (pcs) crap out on me before this, but after about 2 years of use. One had a motherboard problem (sold it) and the other had a simple hard drive problem. I just replaced the hard drive and things were fine.

    What can I do now, besides the obvious thing, taking it to an Apple Store? Thanks in advance.

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    Okay, maybe I didn't take out the battery and stick in the power adapter last night...but I did it today and it it's strictly a battery problem?

    If I worded that all confusing what I mean is my macbook only turns on when I take out the battery and plug in the power adapter.

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    It really sounds like a battery issue. After 2.5 years my iBooks battery is shutting down at less and less of a charge.

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