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    Macessity Bookcase?
    Hey I just recently purchased my Macbook and need a protective sleeve. I'm heading off to college next year and need some extra protection while it is in my backpack...I read a review on Macworld saying this is one of the best ones, but I haven't found many mentions of it on these forums.

    Here is the review link

    And here is the actual product link

    If anyone uses this or knows about it, please let me know what you think! Thanks a lot!

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    May 12, 2008
    well this isnt an actually "sleeve" it is just a protective case that covers your macbook while have some neat colors.

    check out, in the apple store, incase macbook, i thinking about getting the red and i heard some great reviews.

    Warning: also you hear of 'speak' cases, do not get this one because, based off of reviews, there we mess up your macbook.

    [everything im saying is based off reviews (taken into account long-term and short-term reviews]


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    I have a case very similar to this and it works fine. It's nicely padded so i can be confident my MacBook isnt banging into things in my bag. Only problem is that it is rather bulky once the macbook's inside it, but i guess this is the price you pay for good protection. Id say go for it, it's definitely worked well for me.

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