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    Question Sudden shutdown issues?

    I have a MacBooK pro running Leopard.

    I have let the computer totally run out of battery juice several times. Of course, it just shuts down suddenly. Usually I get a "Running On Emergency Power" or something like that, but not the last several times. It may be because I was playing a game that is pretty power hungry. The mac may not have had time to warn me.

    Anyway, it occurred to me that I might be messing up my harddrive in some way. I checked the harddrive with Disk Utilities "verify" button, and it didn't notice anything in disarray.

    Is there anything else anyone would recommend I do? Should I even be concerned about what inproper shut downs are doing?



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    keep watching it, use your computer normally and let the battery run down and see if it shuts down before giving you the lower battery warning.

    if it does shut down before that warning you may have a bad battery. take it out and look at it to see if it's warped at all, if so call apple and they will send you a new one. if it doesnt look warped, but still keeps doing this, go to an apple store or call them. Chances are you will need a new battery.

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