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    Powerbook - Good Value?
    Hi guys,

    I'm a total Mac newbie, so please forgive me. I've been looking at getting a notebook for myself for a couple months now, and while I'd love to get a rip-roaring gaming notebook, it just isn't in the budget. So now I find myself comparing Centrino-based notebooks with the Mac iBooks and Powerbooks.

    My needs can be summarized as light gaming (Warcraft 3, Call of Duty..I know Half-Life-2 is beyond any machine I can afford), internet surfing, office applications, occasional movie and some travel. I've been looking closely at the 12" Powerbook which should fit all of this nicely.

    My question for you fine folks, is that on a bang-for-the-buck basis (i.e. performance per dollar), do you think the Powerbooks are good value for the money compared to Centrino notebooks?

    Any input is appreciated!

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    I have just purchased a mac ibook 12inch and just started using mac myself, i can honestly say for bang for the buck, i would recommend looking @ a centrino notebook for light gaming. I purchased the ibook b/c compared to similar centrino notebooks, i felt the ibook offered the better value in what it offered. In terms of the price of an powerbook 12 inch strictly for light gaming, i feel it may be overkill on the budget if you have one. i would look @ getting the 12 inch powerbook if you also plan to use it for slightly heavy photo and video editing. Otherwise I would recommend the ibook 12 inch (if it can handle those games you want to play). the dell 600m has dropped down in price since in the last month and dell will have good x'mas deals you may want to look at. personally i like the 12 inch powerbook but it is pricey for someone like myself who's main uses are internet, office apps and movies like yourself. Good luck!

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    I disagree. All of Apple computer have "bang for the the buck" compared to ANY PC....Quite honestly...don't waste your time with a PC..I had bunch(like more than 6) PC's thinking each one was just a "dud". The PC was operating exactly as expected.

    Piece of Crap
    (Hence PC)

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    I've got an iBook 14 inch, and can play halo, warcraft 3, WOrld of Warcraft and Nanosaur 2 (a wierdly addcitive game flawlessly (albeit World of Warcraft only runs well at 800x600 res, but thats fine with me)

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    Quote Originally Posted by flonejek
    I've got an iBook 14 inch, and can play halo, warcraft 3, WOrld of Warcraft and Nanosaur 2 (a wierdly addcitive game flawlessly (albeit World of Warcraft only runs well at 800x600 res, but thats fine with me)
    Halo? Seriously? That does surprise me. Do you have the 32 Mb Radeon 9200 video card?

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    and dont forget to add for virus protection for your pc notbook (which OS X doesn't need)

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    Don't listen to the fanboys. Mac is the last thing you should think about if you are into gaming. Gaming = PC. The range of games available to you on a Mac is very limited. Go for a PC and you should be fine with games.

    Mac is a good OS for working on video and graphics. Its neat, but its not the best for gaming. I don't do hardcore gaming now, but I used to earlier, and I know that this isn't the equipment I'd prefer for it

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