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Thread: is my hard drive toast? can anything be done?

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    is my hard drive toast? can anything be done?
    hey all

    i was hoping for a response on this.

    ive had my powerbook for some time now. i ran into some trouble with the hard drive acting weird. slow response, beach ball came up a lot etc...

    i decided to do a quick format and reinstall. i made it past the formatting on the quickest setting. when i got to installing leopard it would get to a point and then kernal panic asking me to shut down my computer.

    i then tried formatting again but this time chose to zero out all data as i was told that can get rid of problematic sectors. this time it didnt make it past the formatting. it again gave me a kernal panic and asked me to shut down my computer.

    is there anything else i can try or is this hard drive most likely at the point of no return?

    any help would be appreciated.

    thanks a lot.


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    for the cost of a new drive - I think you should cut your losses

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    Best HDD tool is DiskWarrior however as louishen says, cut your losses. DiskWarrior is $99.00 and that will nearly meet the cost of a new drive!

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