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    Unhappy HELP!! Hard drive still full even after moving files to external hard drive!!!
    I recently purchased a G Drive Mini 160GB external hard drive, and after connecting it today and moving most of my music and movie files to it, my Mac HD is still showing the same amount of disc space used up. I moved the files to my trash after I moved them to the external HD and promptly deleted them, but my Mac HD still shows the same amount of disc space used! Why don't I have more free space available??

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    so you moved your music and movie files to the external hard drive and then deleted them off your mac? just making sure i have that part correct.

    Do you use itunes? if so you may want to try and delete the songs out of the itunes program and then empty the trash.

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    Yep delete. Moving them copies them to the external drive but does not delete.

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    make sure when you delete you're files from itunes you either select "move files to trash" or you go to "music/itunes/itunes music" and delete everything in there.

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    and empty trash.
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    Yeah, when they go to trash, the files are still on the HD. This of your trash as another folder really.

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