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    iBook G3 not booting
    Heres my other thread about the other laptop i was given...

    It is a 12' iBook G3 600Mhz.

    When I try to start it, I can hear the chimes but the screen stays black. If i tilt the screen back and forth sometimes it will show solid gray.

    I opened it up to see if I could notice anything unusual, and notice that 2 wires from the inverter cable have snapped off right before they go into the connector. Could this be causing my problem?? I am assuming it is, and I attempted to fix it with my amateur soldering skills, but no joy.

    Would purchasing a new inverter cable solve this issue?? Or could this be an issue with the GPU separating from the logic board?

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    If there are two snapped cables and wiggling effects it it sounds like a new cable should fix the problem...

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