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Thread: Battery Concern

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    Battery Concern
    I bought a new Macbook Pro just over two weeks ago and am concerned about the battery. I have noticed it drains extremely fast when unplugged. Today I sat down to watch Superbad (the DVD) and started with a fully charged battery. I got ~1:15 into the movie and was at 5% and had to plug it back in. I had the screen on about 90% brightness (2 bars from full). Normally, just browsing the net and such, I get closer to two hours of battery life. Is this normal? It seems like a very short battery life to me. Thanks.

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    It's all down to the settings, what you're doing, CPU and memory, etc. Watching a DVD uses more power that only having Safari open and reading the news, if you see what I mean.

    If you really think it's out of whack then I'd talk to Apple about it.

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    try downloading istat for your dashboard, it will say what percent your battery health is at, but 2 hours sounds about right well browsing, mine is about 2 months old at it is around that maybe 2-3 hours.. their cheap to buy anyways..not a big deal

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