My powerbook finally hit the end. It is dented and scratched from years of enjoyment and now does not power up. I am thinking that it is more cost effective at this point to replace it than repair. I've tried plugging the adapter in, the light turns yellow, but all I get is a little bit of buzzing and no joy turning it on.

I just have a few questions for experts in hardware, as I am very hardware retarded.

1. The problem is with the plug for the AC Adapter inside the computer. Is it easy/cheap to replace?

2. Where could I recycle this computer if the harddrive is pulled, and still put a little bit of green in my pocket?

3. Where could I get the harddrive pulled inexpensively?

4. If this were you, what would you do?

Thanks in advance for the help, and please excuse me for being a newbie!