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mj103 06-09-2008 05:33 PM

MacBook Air 2nd Gen?
My girlfriend is looking for a laptop to start law school with. Obviously, with the commuting/class to class traveling, the smaller the better, so the Air has a distinct advantage there. She will only consider a mac (of course) but the mixed reviews of the Air has made both of us think it would be better to wait for the 2nd generation to be released. I'm not incredibly tech savvy, so I have no idea when/how often generations of a model are released by mac.

Can anyone help me out? Even just an educated guess will help us evaluate and decide if she should just grab a macbook before school starts in September.

sanity1082 06-09-2008 05:51 PM

no one knows for sure. my guess (and it is only that) is that the next mba update will probably be processor speed and hd space, not a complete redesign.

LEOVAN83 06-09-2008 05:58 PM


Of course we don't know about a 2nd gen Air, as you can see, the "guessing" went wrong with all of us hoping that today the new iPhone was going to be released, so all I can give you, is like you say, an educated guess.

Here's what I think. The Air has been very recently released, and it's still in the "wow!" period, I believe that if there's an upgrade, it would happened at least, by the end of the year, and that's a long shot, plus, being sure of that is impossible, since Apple keeps everything ultra top secret...

My advice is, she should get a MacBook. There are almost confirmed articles about a new MacBook being released by the 3rd quarter of this year (all aluminum and stainless steel like the MacBook Pros). The thing is, the laptop has the same dimensions as the Air (13.3 screen) but it's a little bit thicker and heavier. But not "that much". The thing is, it has a much more powerful processor (1.8 vs. currently 2.4 and it will be even faster), much bigger hard drive (More than 200gb compared to the Air's 80 or 64 gb) and much more RAM Memory (4gb vs. 2gb).

I consider the Air to be a novelty item, I mean, yeah, it's light and thin but if she's gonna be using a computer for college, she needs a fast machine, with powerful components and large storage.

Plus, there's a HUGE price difference for this "lightness". You will be paying more than 3000 dollars for the top of the line Air compared to the 1600 you will pay for the top of the line MacBook. If she's willing to spend that much, she should consider getting a MacBook Pro, where there's a good Video card as well (better than both the Air and the MacBook's).

travisw 06-09-2008 06:02 PM

I'd also 'second' the fact to go with a macbook

The Air really isn't made for a primary computer. It doesn't have a cd/dvd drive plus a lot of other inputs.

A macbook would be faster, has more to offer, and is cheaper.

purpleshroom17 06-09-2008 06:47 PM

if she is just looking for something ultra light and ultra portable, go with the mba. its exactly what she needs.

but you have to take into account the limited graphics ability and low processing capability. the mba also doesnt come with a cd drive as stated above.

for a lot less you can get alot more in the macbook, they just weigh more. so really it comes down to what she is willing to spend and what she needs it to do

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