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    Question Upgrading Graphics Card RAM
    I am working on the brand new Macbook Pro (system - 2gb ram and graphics - 256mb ram) and I am wondering if there is a way to upgrade the RAM on my graphics card. I know you can update your ram for your system and apple gives you the option to upgrade the graphics card ram on their web site, but I need to know if i can upgrade the ram that works with my graphics (upgrade my 256 MB to a 512 or a 1gb ram for graphics only) by myself and buy the ram chip myself.

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    The RAM for the GPU is part of the Logic Board. There is no way to upgrade it.

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    Yep, dtravis is correct, its fused onto the main board. I also find it odd they did that to the CPU as well, typically on notebooks i service they are socketed like PC desktops. That would mean if anything goes bad on the logic board including the cpu you'd have to toss the whole thing......ugh what a waste.
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