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    Newbie Question on Hard Drive
    I purchased my MacBook Pro on ebay last Month and Its the 2.2 model. When I first got it I re-installed Leopard using the 2 install CD's that came with it and installed some programs:
    - MS Office 2008
    - Apature 2.0 Trail
    - iSale
    - Firefox
    - Lightroom Trial.
    The rest of the programs are the usual ones that gets installed when you load the OS. My question is my Hard Drive capacity is 111.47 and 30GB is already used! leaving me with only 80GB to spare. Is that normal that 30GB is all used up with just the OS and a few 3 party programs installed? My itunes library is only 5GB worth of music and videos. What's the deal?

    One more thing,
    Is this enough Hard Drive space to install Windows Vista Ultimate using Boot Camp?
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    My MBP came with the 250GB HDD... only 213GB was available to me right out of the box.
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    check garage band and all that stuff you think that you do not need and uninstall them

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    It may be reasonable. My new Mac Pro came with a 750 GB hard drive. As delivered, it had 682.76 GB available. It said that 15.56 GB were taken up when I got it, and that was just Mac OS X and its utilities. There was nothing else installed.

    Now, with everything installed, after I subtract out my personal files, I do find that about 30 GB is gone to Mac OS X and my installed programs.

    So, at least the number you are seeing is consistent with my experience.

    80 GB is actually a lot. It was not that long ago (OK, may be FEW years now) that new computers were delivered with just 80 GB drives!

    My MBP only has 40 GB left. I am not worried though. If it gets down to 20 GB, I will think about upgrading to a larger hard drive. For now however, 40 GB is plenty of room. You are even better off. Like the old saying goes, "don't worry, be happy", with the proviso that you should start to worry if you notice the 80 GB starting to decline quickly over time.
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