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    Question What are the default fan settings for MacBook Pro?
    I downloaded a fan control... but just to be safe..I want to put them back to the default. I need to know the default:
    base speed
    lower threshold
    upper threshold


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    If you remove the application and re-boot your Mac, the default settings will automatically come back.

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    are you sure? how will you know because you won't have the application anymore...

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    The minimum speed for SMCfancontrol is the minimum speed pre-programmed from the factory.

    How can I restore the Apple defaults for fanspeed?
    Move the sliders to the left and hit apply. The lowest settings smcFanControl allows are the Apple defaults. The minimum default speed after Apple's latest SMC firmware update is 1000rpm for the MBP 15,4", 1500rpm for the MB 13,3". 2000rpm for the Core2Duo MBP and 1800rpm for the Core2Duo MB.
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    The default fan speed at normal running is 2000rpm (2k)
    When hot is varies from 4k to 6k - 6000rpm is the max.

    Never turn them off as the default is always at 2k.

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    whuy to uninstall the fan control program? its helping to keep cooler the lap!

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