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    Question about MacBook
    Hi people.

    I'm a relatively new mac user who has just gotten my macbook in march. I have a very noobish question to ask. Pardon me.

    I always use my macbook in an air conditioned room. There will be times when I feel like using my mac while watching tv, I'll bring it out to the living room where the environment is warm (the country I'm currently in has summer all year round). By basic science, my screen and the outer part of my macbook condenses.

    My question: is there any chance the internal hardware in my mac condenses too? Eg. the logic board. It'll be bad if it condenses as water will spoil the logic board.

    Any thoughts?

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    Depending on what sort of A/C unit you have, you shouldn't have condensation since the A/C naturally draws out the humidity in the room.

    That said, if you've got condensation on your screen, then you are probably in an operating environment outside of what the MB was designed to function in.

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