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    Question PB slow with Bluetooth
    Hi folks,

    I have a 15" Aluminium PB with 1,25GHz (isn't that posted on the bottom line? Hm, anyways) I have Apples Wireless Keyboard and recently got myself the corresponding wireless mouse. Since then I have the feeling that my system got somehow sluggish. It's not that it is really slow in terms of computing - let's say when I compile something or so - but rather the response time of the whole system. Does anybody know if there is a timing problem when one connects two bluetooth devices like keyboard and mouse to the PB?
    If I only use the keyboard the system is fine, but when I turn my mouse on it... For example I would move a window and can see that the graphics are not redrawn as smooth as usual, you get it?
    I'd really hate not beeing able to use the mouse, so if one could provide me with a solution to address this issue I'd be more than grateful.


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    I have the mouse with my PowerBook, and it doesn't slow anything down, but I don't have both. I thought that the whole reason that bluetooth was so amazing was that it could handle multiple devices...

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