Hi guys! i have the newest Penryn Early 2008 Macbook pro 2.6 and have had an accident with the aluminum of the display housing. I am currently trying to find a compatible case to replace it with. I cant seem to find spare display housing that are made particularly for the new macbook pros for some reason =(

I've heard that there are different moulds of the Display housing since there are 3 different manufacturer for the LCD screen? (LG, SAMSUNG,CHIMEI)

Would the display casings of the older Intel Macbook pro work as long as I match the manufacturer? (e.g. if i have the display casing from a samsung early 2008 macbook pro, would this be compatible with the 2006 or 2007 samsung display housing?)

i have found a case for an older samsung http://www.welovemacs.com/9227221.html and chimei here

Please help me out if you have any idea! thanks in advance =)