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    spilled water on my macbook
    Hey everyone,

    I know that someone else already posted up a question about spills, and his situation was a little different. In this case, my niece knocked over a tall glass of water as my husband sat at the table using the laptop. From what he explained, she knocked the glass of water right on top of the keyboard.

    He then said he immediately turned it upside down to let the water fall out. He took the battery out, but I don't know when. He let it dry all night until I got home and discovered the bad news. He said as soon as it happened the computer shut down.

    After letting it dry all night, I attempted to put the battery in this morning. It started acting very strange. It turned on, but nothing came up on the screen. It still had a dvd in the drive, so I could hear it "trying" to play.

    I apologize, I know nothing about computers. I do know that I will have to take it in, but I work all weekend long from 8 am to 8 pm.

    Can someone please give me some insight as to what might have happened and is my computer doomed forever??

    Any help is appreciated.


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    IMHO I would have let it sit alot longer than overnight. I'm sure that there was still water inside when you made the attempt to power it up today. Sounds like the logic board is fried. Give it another 24 hours to dry and try it again.

    Have your husband make a trip to the Apple store if all else fails.
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    thanks. I'll try that. Hopefully it's not too bad of a problem.

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    I work for Sears as a electronics tech. Basically I repair video cameras and digital still cameras all day. We are always getting cameras and video camera that have been dropped in water. What eventually happens is that corrosion will set in and render the device useless. The unit will not power on or sometimes it will power on and act weird. It could dry out and work fine, but corrosion may possibly form.

    I have heard that if you drop an electronic device in water, place it in a plastic ziploc bag with a few of those packs of silicon that you get when you buy a new pair of shoes. The packs of silicon will draw the water out.

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    A cup of regular dry rice works also. it absorbs moisture. I packed my wet Blackberry in rice for 2 days and it came back to life. Can't hurt...
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