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    Advice Needed - First Time Buyer!
    Hello Everyone!

    Ok will give you all abit of info first on why I am looking into buying a iBook.
    Basically I have started back at College and I am in need of a Laptop to type my notes,essays and other information up on then to save to a USB pen and print from the College Main PC.

    Anyway my friend pointed me in the direction of the Ibook Clamshell which sell for around 50-100 on ebay.

    Aswell as them having the cool design they are affordable!!!!!

    Got afew questions first though

    1) Can they connect to a wireless router(WIFI) cause I have a DELL desktop set up at home and wonderd if it would connect to the Wifi Network.

    2) Can they save things to USB pens and then transfer them to a Windows PC or do they run on a different type of software for notes and essays? At the moment I'm using notepad on Windows.

    3) Are there any major flaws to this laptop other then low memory but for the age there pretty impressive.

    4) Whats the MAC OS like to use?

    MANY thanks everyone!

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    1) If it's an iBook G4 then yeah (check specs at

    2) Yeah

    3) Depends on the specific specs of the iBooks, I guess you should be fine as long as it's a G4

    4) either Tiger or Leopard

    P.S. I think you will be much better off with a used MacBook or PowerBook 12"

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    can i jump in on this conversation with a quick question. The clamshell has a sngle usb port would i be able to use a high speed mini at 2.0 in the clamshell to switch docs between the latptop and the pc? Thanks.

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