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    May 29, 2008
    Angry MBP Fans run constantly
    I have an early 2008 macbook Pro 15".

    The issue I have is that the fans run constantly at 6000-RPM regardless of load or operating system (XP or OSX). I monitor the temps and they all stay below 38C. It started about a week ago. Any ideas? I dont think that the OS is hosed, as it is present in both. I suspect a hardware issue, but since it is a mac and not a PC, I do not want to open it up like I would a PC or SparcStation.

    Anyhow, I have an appointment with a "genius" tomorrow to have them take a look. Thank goodness for the warranty. Time to get the OneCare for this before it decides to brick itself at 91 days. This will be the 3rd service for this particular unit. I hope this is not a fortelling of things to come.

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    Sounds like you definitely need to go ahead a purchase Applecare.. Who knows, they may just go ahead and replace it this time.
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    Seeing the genius is the right thing to do. Sounds like a hardware fault to me.
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    Purchase Apple Care! Or otherwise you may be forking out $$$ in the future and you will definitely regret not having done so.

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    May 29, 2008
    Most recent visit to the "Genius Bar"
    So I visited the "Genius Bar" on Friday. I explained the situation to the genius and he wanted to look into whether or not a wire was dislodged during the Super drive replacement. Ok, that was a bust. Now they ordered 2 new fans for the system. I have owned numerous computers (sparc, mac, pc's) over the years. never have I seen 2 fans fail simultaneously. At least they did not say that they would have to reinstall the OS (symptoms occur under both XP and OSX (I want to avoid the OS reinstall if I can).

    I asked about the possibility of replacing the unit for a new one. The guy said he would look into that based upon the service history of this machine. I had it in for the superdrive, some cosmetic thing right after purchase, and now the fan issue. If they say they will replace it, I will not accept a refurb. Absolutely not.

    One more thing, the battery life is greatly reduced due to the fans constantly running. What a surprise!

    O-well, more to come.

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    Lets hope you get a new machine !

    keep us updated

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    May 29, 2008
    Parts arrived and they have machine
    Well I got the call on Monday that the parts arrived, so I dropped it off on
    Tuesday and was told 3 -5 days. Holy crap 3 - 5 days to replace a few fans? These guys are really getting on my nerves. Ok, so here it is 3 days in, and they are still quoting 3 - 5 days till I get it back. I sure hope they extend the warranty on this POS by the number of days it has been out of service. So far since I bought the machine, it has been inoperable for 10 days.

    What makes matters worse is that I got laid off on Wed and need to get a new job. Go figure. So while I am trying to do a job search all my files are on my machine, not my wife's.

    Today, I am going to go a visit me a MAC "Genius" at the "Bar" and have a few choice words with him or her and express my displeasure at this situation.

    One thing that bothers me, is that I dont think they really know why the fans run constantly, they are hunting through some pre-designated script of steps. I suspect that even after they replace the "faulty" fans, that the issue will not be resolved.

    O-well, what are you going to do?


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    One thing I was going to suggest was resetting the computer's SMC by shutting down and then restarting while holding Cmd+Option+P+R (and holding that key combo until after the second start-up sound you hear), but it seems you got Apple to look into it for you. If you get the machine back and the problem persists, give it a try (though it's likely they will have done that already).

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    May 29, 2008
    Ok, success. Had the "genius' " look at it. They found the fans were in perfect condition. They found a loose connector to a thermocouple for one component. Then they found that the connector from the top cover (keyboard area and keyboard) was bad. SO they replaced that.

    I now have the machine back in my hands. It appears to be working well. Thank you to all the suggestions and support.

    I hope this is the last issue with this machine.

    Signing off and good night.

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