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Thread: DVD compatible?

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    DVD compatible?
    Hi, Ive had problems with copying DVDs. I get a message, "please insert a compatible dvd". Which ones are compatible and not?

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    do you get this message when inserting a dvd movie or a blank dvd? if you mean the blank dvd, what brand are you using? verbatim is a great brand. also, what blank dvd media does your dvd burner support?

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    there are 2 kinds of DVD's there is "DVD-R" and there is "DVD+R", i am not sure which one MAc uses i want to say the "-R" but that is not certain

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    yes '-r'

    i get this occasionally with making cd's in itunes, sometimes i can put it back in and it works and sometimes it just spits it back out (these are TDK disks)

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    From my experiences with burning CDs in iTunes, if you insert the blank disc and then click burn, it will always spit the disc back out and ask for blank media. Then you just put it back in and it will burn fine. I believe that if you were to click burn and wait until it were to ask for a disk, it would accept the same disc first try. I'm sure it's a sort of safety thing to make sure you don't accidently write something on a disc you didn't want to.

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    Verbatim DVD-R is the way to go for our PB's. You can get it at Best Buy or multiple places online. However i've yet to have any luck copying a DVD and reburning it to a DVD-R. I tried FastDVD Copy and man... it wasnt FAST at all.. i let it run for 3 hours and it basically seemed to get noplace so I canceled it.

    Then tried mactheripper but didnt get to finish what i started.
    Good Luck.

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