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    Talking The Future of the PowerBook Duo
    I started to create a website devoted to my long time favourite Apple Subnotebook, the PowerBok Duo family! It is conveniently located at which is a fantastic URL for such a site might I add.

    I hope it can grow to become a de-fact standard internet resource for the PowerBook Duo, especially since up until now, there really is NO SUCH THING. Other sites were lousy looking, with broken links, ugly colors, incomplete information, and no graphics.

    This is the future of the PowerBook Duo!

    Please check it out and tell me what you think. Ideas, opinions, questions, comments.

    So far there is an active forum, commercials, and a Duo production timeline. Be sure to join the forum if you have an interset in Duos.

    Duo owners deserve this!

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    I always wanted one of those. Too expensive for me, though, back then. And not powerful enough now.

    The commercials are great. ARA may be obsolete now, but there was nothing like it at the time. And the DuoDock...I still think there's a place for those in today's market. It would probably still be hailed as "innovative."

    I get buy with my12" PowerBook, though.

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    Hey that website is freaking cool! I saw the commercials. Pretty sweet!

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    such a great concept... those could take off, but they'd have to bring the price of the docks down and have the notebook be more powerful as a stand-alone. Basically, it would have the power of an iBook when it's by itself, and a PowerBook when it's docked.

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    After requests by some people to make different versions of the movies, heres what I'm working on for the commercials (will be up tonight most likely):

    Duo Version: Low resolution, low sound quality, low FPS versions that can be played on PowerBook Duos, with any version of QuickTime starting at version 2.5. Uses Cinepack

    Normal Version: The version that is already there. This must be played with the latest version of QuickTime 6 that support MPEG4.

    Gigantic Version: Very high resolution, high framerate version that must be played on a pretty fast computer with QuickTime 6. Takes up the entire "white space" of the layout.

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