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    iBook fan not working? Cause for alarm?
    Hello all,

    I've had my iBook G4 1ghz (actually runs at 1.07 ghz for some reason), and I've zero problems with it, fantastic machine. But today I noticed the section over the vent on the left side of the chasis was pretty darn hot. I downloaded a temperature measuring app, and it said that the temp on the bottom side of the processor was a 62.5C while the on-die temp of the cpu itself was a whopping 68C!! Now, I've been overclocking PC's for years and I've never had temps anywhere near that high, and those systems are running in the range of 2-3ghz, which is 2-3x the clock speed of my iBook. What's equally disconcerning is I can't remember the last time the system fan came on. Should I be worried? Thanks for any help.

    System 1 (school laptop)
    iBook G4 1ghz
    768mb RAM
    Airport Extreme
    30gb HD
    Mac OSX 10.3.6

    System 2 (media and games pc)
    Epox 8rda+ rev 2 mobo
    AthlonXP 2600+ @ 2.42ghz (11x220)
    512mb RAM
    GeforceFX 5950
    60gb HD
    WinXP SP2

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    Oh Come on guys. Someone give me just a bit of help will ya? Not asking for much. Just a little insight. Btw, I've been keeping track,a and my idle temps are about 48C for CPU bottomside and 51C for the Graphics CPU, don't know if that tells you anything helpful but thought I might throw it in there.

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    Yes they do run quite hot, the temperature range sounds within Apple's alleged guidelines (I think I read that it was 50c - 75c). However some say that they do run cooler if the AC is not plugged in, which is not obviously always practical. Elevating the iBook can also help minimise the heat (iCurve), as well as 3rd party products such as iBreeze which is basically an iCurve but with 2X60mm USB powered fans and a female USB pass through port or try CoolPad. Again not real practical if you want it portable.
    The fan should definitely come on at some point though especially when using it on your lap or if the ventilation is partly covered. Heat problems will normally show up in the general stability of the machine.

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    Mine hardly comes on either and the current system temp is 50.

    I've had it go up to 62 on one occasion I think...

    Don't worry, I think it's normal...

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    What app did you use to measure the temp? I've been trying to find something like that for my IBook G4 since I have never noticed the fan come on and it seems pretty warm at times. Should I even be able to hear the fan?

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    Aluminium Macbook 2.4 Ghz 4GB RAM, SSD 24" Samsung Display, iPhone 4, iPad 2
    I use temperature monitor (google it)

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