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Aptmunich 11-17-2004 04:19 AM

Bluetooth Headset not compatible?
Hi everyone, not strictly an iBook topic, but here goes:

I have started using Skype (voice-over-IP software) quite frequently in the last few weeks, and while pleased with the quality of the built-in mic, would like something a bit more mobile.

So I thought I'd see if I could use my dad's bluetooth headset (designed for use with mobile phones) with the iBook.

So I set the headset up to be paired, tried to add it to the iBook, and received the message:
'Your bluetooth hardware is not compatible with headsets'

So the iBook found the headset, but can't pair with it...

I figured I would need a driver or something to make it work, but that makes it sound as if no headsets will work with the internal iBook bluetooth chip...

Any ideas?

The headset is made by: Jabra (

carlos 12-05-2005 01:01 AM

Motorola HS820 worked perfectly in my Powerbook G4 os x tiger.. should work in any other bluetooth enabled laptop

hope it helps you mate

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