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Thread: Bad to plug in while in sleep?

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    Bad to plug in while in sleep?
    Well today I had my iBook in sleep mode and then plugged in the power adapter. when doing so the iBook woke up and went back to sleep (flashed on / off). Upon opening up my iBook i got an error msg stating to plug in the iBook before the battery dies yet i had 100% battery power. Then my Airport failed to see my network. I had to turn off airport and then turn on to make it work again.

    Has this happened to anyone else???

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    Desolate One
    Can't say that it has, and I've charged my iBook plenty whilst it's sleeping. Perhaps that message showed up before you had plugged it in? I know when I open up my iBook after it's been charging/sleeping it'll show the same batt power before it was plugged in, then jumps right back up as soon as the RAM is refreshed.

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    no, it was already charged up and i just use the AC Power when i'm stationary. I had just got home and I opened it up to use it then closed it. The power was at 90%. I plugged in the AC and saw the "flash" and heard the HD move. A little while later I unplugged it and went out....opened it up and got the warning telling me I must plug it in before data loss, etc... then also noticed my Airport not working right (could not find current network). I just turned off Airport and turned it back on and it found the network... To be on the safe side I did a re-start and everything is fine now.

    oh well must be a fluke...

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