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Thread: Macbook will not start up beyond kernal panic or grey screen with logo

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    Macbook will not start up beyond kernal panic or grey screen with logo
    I have a macbook intel core duo and it shut down in the middle of watching a youtube video. It will not startup freezes at grey screen with apple logo (no spinning disc). There are no abnormal sounds or extreme temperatures. The macbook is just over one year old.

    I have tried the following:
    Ran disk warrior 4 in target disc mode - no problems found
    I cannot get into single user mode as it just keeps asking to restart
    I cannot run the os cd in the macbook as it keeps asking to restart

    The only thing I can really do is run the hardware test and no problems are found.
    When I do shift option and choose the cd to startup from, it just asks to restart.

    I have tried resetting the pram and changing the ram.

    When I go into verbose, it tells me there is a kernal panic and something like panic (cpu 1 caller 0x0019140d) : pmap_flush_tlbs()

    The restart screen is the multilingial one 'need to restart your computer hold down the power button for several seconds or press restart'

    I have erased the hard drive and have tried to reinstall the os, now it will not run the cd at startup and it will not allow me to run in target disk mode.

    Can anyone advise?
    Many thanks

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    Boot off of youre system ten install disk and try to repair the disk. If that doesnt work its format time and reinstall.
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