So i am having some problems with watching an anime dvd i have. When i try to watch the dvd using the mac dvd player everything is good, but the subtitles are messed up. the subtitles still show up but its very confusing, words are wrong and stuff like that. I know its not the dvd because when i put it into my xbox 360, the subtitles are understandable. I tried playing the dvd using VLC but then the subtitles dont even show up even though i can see the option for them, i also tried playing the dvd using WMP via VMware Fusion and the subtitles show up but still the words are mixed up and wrong. I have played this dvd in my old windows notebook and it worked fine.

So i thought it might be a dvd drive problem. Maybe there is a firmware update or something like that out there that i need. Any advice?

thanks in advance,