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    looking for bag for my ibook 12 inch...
    Hey guys,
    I am currently in the market for a bag, either backpack or shoulder bag, for my ibook. recommend any brands or websites to check out? so far i saw a pretty decent one @ eddie bauer but it is kinda expensive. if i'm gonna spend that much cash i may as well get the nicest one i can afford. please let me know what kind of cases u guys are using as well.


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    i just bought a $40 special at Best Buy... all you want to do is make sure the iBook is not sliding around in a case - also if your case has those pen holders don't put any pens in there because when you close it the pens touch the top of your iBook and scratch... depends i guess. My friend did that and he has these HUGE scratch marks all over the top...

    i mean you don't need anything fancy unless you are using this for business, etc... but laptop bags are always expensive $50+ just because... good luck.

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    check, they have a huge selection, some cheap, some expensive.

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    just get a Waterfield Sleevecase from and then stuff that into any backpack or shoulder bag. that way you're not screaming "i'm a geek!" like you would with a targus or spire bag :black:

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    get a crumpler bag, great bags and dont look obvious as a laptop carrier, i got one for my camera as well.

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