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    X Im just meE o
    Unhappy Some more questions.
    Hi! I recently posted on these forums. Well... I have a few more questions...
    See.... I want a Laptop for just me, using it for the internet, traveling, pictures, music, burning, using more then 1-2 programs at once. Im thinking about getting the NEW iBook G4, it has everything I want, as of what I've read. But I've always wanted.... -Sigh.- The Ibook Tangerine(Clamshell) Laptop. Even though I've heard its so slow, it just catches my eye. Im thinking I must go with the iBook G4, since its newer, faster, and more capable and better for me, since the Tangerine Clamshell iBook is hard to find.... Even though, some websites seem to carry it, but not in the color I want.... -Sadness.- What should I do? Should I stick with the fast, more capable iBook G4? Or should I go with the Tangerine iBook, if I can find it....

    or the-
    Thanks in advance.....

    , Louis.
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    iBook G4

    Tangerine is just the design and color...Don't sacrifice power for pretty
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    I bet a newer G4 would get better battery life than one of the clamshell G3s, plus those clamshells iBooks are rather big. If you want something that is actually portable and you plan on doing a decent amout of work on it, get the new G4.

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    X Im just meE o
    Well, is the iBook G4 fast? Even though im going to gustomize to a bigger hard drive and memory. Its 1.33GHz?

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    its fast enough, more than fast enough really, stick with the ibook g4, or, if the funds and time are available, I believe Ive seen a newer ibooks insides put into a clamshell ibook, it should fit, just gotta line it all up correctly.

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    If you really just don't want a white laptop you can get an iBook painted at they look pretty nice but its not cheap

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    I have an new iBook and I use for the exact things you are looking to use yours for. Get the new iBook, you'll like it.

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    X Im just meE o
    Question I need it for.....
    Yea.... I just realized, I wanted to make an addition to my list of uses on the iBook.

    Customized iBook details:

    • 1.256GB DDR266 (256MB built-in & 1GB SO-DIMM)
    • 80GB Ultra ATA drive
    • SuperDrive (DVD-R/CD-RW)
    • AirPort Extreme Card
    • Bluetooth Module
    • Keyboard & Mac OS X - U.S. English
    • 14-inch TFT XGA display
    • 1.33GHz PowerPC G4
    • ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 w/ 32MB DDR video memory

    I need it for:

    1)Internet.- AOL


    3)Wireless.- Im gonna get bluetooth, and the Air port, or something like that, not sure...

    4)Pictures.- Saving.... Etc....

    5)I also want to use it for making music demo's. As "Jersey" in "Coyote Ugly" does so, with an iBook Clamshell G3 in the movie, will my iBook come with this program, and if it doesn't, do you know of ther program or music programs used to do all this? I also need my iBook to hook up to Microphone, and maybe an electrice keyboard, is all this going to work with my iBook.-

    6) I want it to be fast, is 1.33GHz fast enough for all this?
    + Music/Dvd watching/ listening + Dvd/Music/file burning.-

    And by using all this, will it slow my iBook down? And if so.... How slow? Too slow for working with?

    Thansk in advance.

    P.s.- Apple's do not use window's right? What do they use? And since the don't use windows, they don't automaticaly save cookies and temp files?

    And.... What is it made of? Is is made of plastic? Eh.

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    A new G4 iBook would have plenty enough power to do all those things, it might not like it if you are trying to do everything at the exact same time. Apple uses Mac OS X, it is very easy to use. It is just made of plastic. I don't know what making music demos consists of so I am not sure what program you would need and if it would have it. If you want to hook up a keyboard, there is this one: which will just plug into one of the USB ports.

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    X Im just meE o
    Wait, its made of plastic? Cheap plastic? Or firm plastic, not easy to break?

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    Most laptops are made of plastic, at least all the ones I have ever owned, the iBook seems sturdier than most.

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    "Made from ultratough polycarbonate plastic — the same high-grade material used in bulletproof glass — the iBook’s sleek white case resists impact. While that measure alone might have allowed iBook to comfortably survive everyday use and abuse Apple engineers took the idea of protecting your investment quite seriously."

    That is a quote from in the Tech Specs of the iBook. So its not cheap plastic..

    Heres a link if u want :

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    Quote Originally Posted by mynameis
    Most laptops are made of plastic, at least all the ones I have ever owned, the iBook seems sturdier than most.
    Well, PowerBooks are made of Aluminium...just for the record

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    It is plastic, but doesn't feel like it IMO..

    Normally laptops creak and wobble if made of plastic...the iBook doesn't.

    Get the new machine, you can do much more than with the older machine, and will be able to make much better music...

    Your iBook G4 will come with garageband, a great easy-to-use app for music enthusiasts..

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    X Im just meE o
    Uh.... Another question: Where is the Cd/Dvd-rom/burner located on the iBook G4?

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