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    Angry 3 month and already HD crash!

    i'm an apple freak like all of you.
    i'm just more realistic.

    okey, fact is, that i used my ibook (1.25ghz, 14.1",512ram), and i just was surfing (on deviantart!), editing a picture with photoshop (1600*1200), listening music with itunes, and chatting with adium.
    when the site of deviantart was loading, the itunes music "shocked", you know.
    i was just using exposť, and bhum, froze.
    nothing happend.
    no music, no mouse move, nothing.
    except a "knistern" (<- is german).
    a sound like if you strech a plastic string (like a gituarr), and pull it.
    you know, that sound nobody wants so hear.
    totally silence, except that sound.

    so, what did i? i pressed the powerbutton, till he restartet.
    nothing happend. after 2mintues the screen showed a folder with the finder icon and a "?" switching.

    "**** iBook" i tought

    okey, i put the CD in it, and ran "apple hardware test"
    it took me 3minutes until an icon showed with some hardware and the text "loading".
    but nothing happend.
    except that horrible sound out of my iBook.

    yeah, guys, i know it's the harddisk.
    and thats the problem.
    i have so many documents and my hole photos from holiday on it.

    i mean, i could give the HD to a profesional restore center, and pay bout 8000$, but that much it isn't worth.

    i just boght that ****in iBook three month ago, and now that.
    say my what you want, but my old dell laptop had during 2years NOT ONE crash where all my file are gone, and for sure not even one HD crash, where i could waste my hd.

    so, WTF is apple doing, in selling me a pretty iBook, but with ****ty hardware in it.

    so, what could i do, except sending it to apple??

    (sorry for my grammatic, it's 'cause i'm just THAT ANGRY!!!:mad: )

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    okey guys.

    i launched the disk utility from the CD, and when i "check" the harddrive the error number "-9972" shows.

    c'mon guys, tell me something positive.
    it realy hurts wher i hear the HD.

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    oh, and by the way, i just installed one or two days ago the 10.3.6 update

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    Sounds to me like your HDD might be bad. It should still be under warranty, take it to an Apple Store and see what they say. If you are out of the 90 day period, calling Apple is going to cost you $. Hard drives sometimes go bad at random, just a fact of life.

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    ya, there is always the small number of people who get a big problem like that. its not apples fault or anybodies fault. if you are still within the 3 month perion or bought apple care you should be fine

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