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    Angry Headphone output gets too loud!
    I have a June 07 15 inch MBP. The headphone outputs gets really loud, too loud in fact. Its above the comfortable level above 4 clicks and distorts under the bass its trying to produce which is absurd.

    It damaged the iPhone earphones, the right side blew and will not sound. I was listening to a podcast using the built in speakers and just plugged in my earphones. The volume was set at 6 or 7 "clicks" or around halfway. It sounded really loud and I quickly lowered the volume but the damage was done.

    I created a new user account and the same problem persists.

    Any ideas?
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    I advise keeping the volume level pretty low when you plug in headphones. And if you need more control over specific volume level, use the volume sliders in individual programs as well.

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    There's no way anything should be able to put out enough power to damage headphones, even at full volume. If that's what happened, take it in to Apple.

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