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    Best Way to Clean the Keyboard
    What is the best way of cleaning the keyboard and the metal surrounding the keyboard. I was thinking about using rubbing alcohol and just a soft rag so that if any liquid drops under the keyboard it will just evaporate quickly? Has anyone tried this with good results? Thanks!

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    i just use a normal damp cloth..i make sure any excess water is squeezed out so that there is no question of dripping
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    to clean the mettle I just use a damp cloth.

    To clean the keyboard I just hold it upside down and blow really hard. you could also try using some sort of blowing device like a puffer that you use for cleaning camera lenses.

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    i tried the puffer for camera lens but it made the screen dusty... lol? then when i blow the screen, the keyboard gets dusty again i fully agree with ROHAN's suggestion of using a damp cloth, or alternatively, you could use tissues (yay)!
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    They sell these dust cans at any local computer store that are meant to spray over your keyboard to get a lot of the dust out from under....they work great and they aren't too expensive. And to get the top of the keyboard I use these wet wipes made for cleaning the computer which also work great and aren't too expensive.
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    Unplug it or turn it off, and use a vacuum cleaner with a dusting brush. Combine that with a canned gas duster or compressed air as needed.

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