Hey guys

I've just recently changed the insides of my white macbook to black. The keyboard keep freezing, and i've read that this was an issue for leopard users until Apple released a keyboard firmware update.

Ok, so you all get the picture - the update was installed when my previous keyboard was on the Macbook. After installing the new black keyboard I downloaded the patch for the firmware, but it wouldnt install as the installer detected it had already been installed on my machine.

After running software update I saw that the keyboard firmware update appeared for download again, so I downloaded and installed. It still froze every so often, and I have since reinstalled leopard.

Basically the keyboard and trackpad still lock up periodically, and there is no option to update the firmware any more. I have tried resetting the PRAM to avail.

Any ideas? The computer looks so sweet I really don't want to have to swap it back, i'm even considering downgrading to Tiger if it will mean I can keep it.

Any suggestions would be most welcomed