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    Question Planning on buying Macbook Pro in the US...But moving to Italy
    Hey everyone,
    This may have been mentioned before, but I couldn't find something that gave me a clear answer...Well the deal is that I plan on buying a Macbook Pro in a few weeks but I am leaving for Italy for good...What I have never understood is the whole converting/transforming thing...everytime I go to Italy, I've been fine with my other electronics (iPod, etc.) just throwing on one of those little things that plugs into the American plug and has the European plug at the end. However the issue now is that I am going to have a piece of equipment that I don't want to risk getting fried. So my question is: How would I be able to safely and securely charge/plug in my future MBP in Italy/Europe with no problems/risks? If possible can someone link me to some products? Thank you so much!

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    you'll need to get a new plug for the power brick.
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    Non ti preoccupare!

    The macbook pro's power supply is dual voltage so it'll work anywhere, just pick up an adapter plug to convert the american style plug to Italy's. Apple may have them at the store too.

    My sister is heading to Peruggia with my old Powerbook G4, and she picked up an international plug kit at the apple store. I took my old g3 ibook last time I went back and it I can verify it'll work fine with the adapter plug.


    or if your feeling rich:

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    ok thanks alottt/grazie mille Avenger2SER and Dysfunction, I'll definitely be getting one of these products before I leave! =]
    forza italia

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