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Thread: Apple iBook G3 300 MHZ - 3GB - 160 MB RAM

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    Apple iBook G3 300 MHZ - 3GB - 160 MB RAM

    I am considering purchasing an iBook to to some word processing work and I wanted to know if this model would be capable of running OSX as I would have it networked on a windows 2003 network and also I would need to run Microsoft Office for Mac, I would also be keen to find out the expected battery life on them. Here is the specs for the iBook - I can get it for $350AUD

    Processor: 300 MHZ
    Memory (RAM): 160 MB SD-RAM
    Storage (Hard Disk Drive): 3 GB
    Optical device: CD-Rom
    Modem: Built-in
    Network: Built-in
    Sound: Built-in
    Display: 12 inch TFT Display
    Battery: Li-Ion*
    AC Adaptor: Yoyo
    Operating System: OS9
    Carry bag: None
    Recovery CD: Yes
    Speakers: Built-in
    Microphone: Built-in
    TV Out port: None
    VGA out port: None
    Parallel Port: None
    Serial Port: None
    USB port: 1 Built-in
    3.5 inch 1.44 floppy drive: None
    IR port: None
    SCSI Port: None
    Firewire: None
    1 Month Warranty

    I am looking forward to your feedback :headphone


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    how much is 350 aud in american? that might help

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    350 AUD (Australian dollar) = 255 (USD)

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    Quote Originally Posted by oo5yolo10
    how much is 350 aud in american? that might help
    There's gotta be something there, but I can't figure out what the cost of the iBook has to do with running OS X.

    Yes, it can run OS X. From what I've read it runs better with Panther than with previous OS X releases.

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    The machine itself will run OS X quite happily (and immdb stated, Panther will offer the best performance). However, I would definitely recommend upgrading both the hard drive and the RAM. The 3 GB drive will be barely adequate to install OS X and Office onto and still have enough space left over for OS X's swap file. Also, 160 MB will again be barely adequate to run OS X and ideally you'd have at least 256 MB (the more you can afford to install, the better). As far as battery life, I don't know Apple's quoted figures from that machine, but on an older notebook such as this, it's very possible that the battery won't hold the same charge that it once did, so you might want to looking into purchasing a new battery if battery life is a primary concern.

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