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    PowerBook LCD is on an angle!
    Hey! I don't know if anyone can help me here. I've had my 12" PowerBook for about a week now. I just noticed, the LCD is crooked a bit. The thin black area around the LCD is much greater above the clock and such than above the apple menu. Same with the lower right corner it's greater than the top, like the screen is tilted a bit. I can't find any settings on how to change the tilt, my friend said I can do it though. Can someone help or do I need to call Apple? Thanks.

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    Not sure, but mine has exactly the same 'problem'.

    I think when I asked somewhere the answer was 'do you have Applecare' - so I just learned to ignore it as it's only like a 1 or 2 pixel rotation and only noticable if you're looking for it. Depends how severe it is.

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    It's pretty much only noticable if you're looking for it, but its more than 1 or 2 pixels its more like 5-10 off. It doesn't make apps look angled, but the menu bar definately does. I have applecare either way, and I only bought it 5 days ago.

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