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    jumping mouse pointer!
    i added an Apple mouse to my iBook and well it works great but sometimes it jumps to the upper left hand corner of the screen for no reason. Sometimes the bottom left hand corner of the screen, is there a way to calibrate the mouse or...

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    I had the same problem with mine. It actually was not the mouse but the amount of metal that the desk that my computer and mouse were sitting on contained. It is my understanding that this is a nuisance when it comes to optical mice. As soon as I moved to a different work area with more wood and less metal the mouse was fine.

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    hmmmm, not the case w/me. i use it on a wooden desk and sometimes on top of a magazine and it still jumps. oh well, i guess its just one of those things...

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    Get a mousepad and it shouldn't jump. Without a mousepad, even on a magazine or something, if two textures are similar and close together, the mouse will 'jump' around the screen.

    If you just get a plain black mousepad, it should fix it. That's what I have, it works fine.

    Good luck.

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