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Thread: Buying a ibook need some help

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    Question Buying a ibook need some help
    hey i'm very interested in the apple ibook and i need some help. i donno what is better for me the 12inch or the 14. i will using the laptop for work with flash mx and illustrator cs. i also want the portability but i don't know if theres much difference between the 12 and 14.

    i will be looking to upgrading the ram to 512 so i can run my programs

    i just really want to know if .13mhz is a big deal and that if the 14 is a better deal price and size wise.

    well thanks for the help

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    Depends on your needs:

    The speed difference is negligible IMO, I'd be more concerned about screen size:

    The 12 and 14" iBooks both have a max. resolution of 1024x768, so the amount they can display is the same. Things are just smaller on the iBook...

    For graphics work, the larger screen size might make work easier. You won't be able to display more, but it will all be easier to see.

    If you need to lug your 'book around a lot, you need to think about portability: The 14" is quite a bit larger and bulkier to carry...

    If you're taking your machine with you on a daily basis, I'd personally recommend the 12". If it's more of a desktop replacement, then go with the 14"

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    Get the 12" one. The 0.133 Ghz difference isn't noticable really unless you are running benchmarks. If you are going to be carrying it around a lot, then the lighter weight will really help. Plus, if you are going to be using it for long periods or something, you could always plug it into a larger monitor at home.

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    Go for 12" iBook. It is the best possible deal you could find. Amazon is still offering $150 MIR making it to $849!

    I ordered my 12" iBook after a lot of research. I wanted something compact, portable , light weight to carry and a battery life of 4 hours minimum.

    I am basically from Windows camp, so checked almost every available brand in Windows based laptops Like SONY, HP, FUJITSU, DELL, COMPAQ, TOSHIBA,IBM , Accer, Sharp , eMachines etc these brands offer models in 14",15",17" Screen sizes which are too heavy and oversized and prices are in the range $1100 to $2300 before tax. I can not call them as a notebook or laptop, in fact those are desktop replacement computers.

    There are some smaller and compact models from Dell, Fujitsu, SONY, SHARP with 10", 12" and 13" screen sizes but are too expensive and have shorter battery life. Some compact models come without built in CD/DVD Drive.

    After looking at the models available in the market and my budget(around $1000), I concluded that iBook 12" is the best option , it has got every thing, processing power, speed, graphics, wireless capabilties, extended battery life, built in combo drive and all this in a very compact, sturdy, eye pleasing , light weight package.

    So I decided to switch from Windows to Mac. With this 12" iBook I can move around any where , every where. And when at home I can always connect a big monitor if needed. My wife says that this can double as a nice DVD player too.

    Hope this helps.


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    thanks for the help guys i will defernatly have a good think about what i want to do i think it will be the 12inch though so thanks :cool: :mac:

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