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    Annoying clicking sound...
    Whenever I run my ibook off of battery power it constantly makes this really annoying clicking sound. It doesn't make this noise when it's plugged in.... Anybody have/had/heard of this problem?

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    That is an interesting problem. Here is my guess. Since you you have the problem only when running on battery. I am assuming it has to due with the configuration when running on battery. I am not in front of my powerbook at this time, so I can't look at by settings.

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    guess i'll call apple on monday

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    My powerbook does the same thing. It seems like the sound takes longer to initialize when on battery power. I've found that it actually hangs the system for the fraction of a second it takes a sound to play. Strange.. :slant:

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    After a little more research, I found out why the laptop is exhibiting this behavior when on battery power. For some odd reason, OSX >=10.1.2 shuts off the sound hardware on the laptop when it has been inactive for ~30 seconds. The current workaround is to plug in a set of USB speakers when on battery power.

    Here is a link to the official Apple documentation.


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