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    How to make some money from my broken macbook?
    I spilled something on my macbook keyboard couple of months ago and just like that the computer was gone, I took it to apple store and they informed me that it's gonna cost me 750 to fix it (wasn't covered by apple care because it was considered accidental damage) I bought that computer for 900 (student pricing + free ipod!!) so it wasn't worth it to pay 750 to fix it. So I bought another one and now have this broken one sitting on my desk. Does anyone know if they are place that buy broken laptops?

    How can I make some money on my broken macbook?????

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    Someone would probably buy it for parts.
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    thanks for quick reply.
    Does any one know if there is a company or something that's out there doing this? I should probably google it and find out but wanted to hear it from you guys, the mac experts

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    You can also always put it up for sale here on this forum and on your local craigslist. Your best shot is ebay, or taking the thing apart and selling it piece by piece.
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    Ebay probably is you best option, because you get a ton of people viewing your item, and items tend to sell for high prices, if you go on ebay, start your item low, and it will make more people bid on it.
    I might be intrested in buying your macbook, how much are you asking?
    Hope this helps!

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