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    printing with iBook
    Hi All,

    While waiting for my Ibook , just wanted to check about Printer .
    iBook doesn't have any serial or parallel port, so how you manage printing? Well, I can buy a new printer with USB interface but what if one has a very good old printer w/o USB? USB to Parallel conversion? Means one more add-on !
    Suggest me some work arounds.



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    Well, I don't really know if a 3-4 year old printer would be really good, unless it's a laser printer or something. Your best bet would probably be to get a new USB printer, but if you paid thousands for your serial printer or something, this might be useful: . It's sort of expensive though...

    Good luck!

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    You can find parallel to USB adapters for a lot cheaper than $55, check ebay, but I would use this an an opportunity to upgrade to a new printer.

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    Yep, get a new printer, parallel and serial connectors are soooo 20th century...

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