In advance thanks to those who reply
Ok I'm new in the (purchasing) apple products but I've been using them for a while. Bought a bare basic IBook 700mhz Dual USB for my sister (20gb, 128 ram, cd-rom etc) - works great. Then I came accross a steal - non-working G3, same as above, but with 512ram cdrw/dvd, airport, for $160. All I had to do was fix it and drop a hd in it (I had a 20gb lying around)

Took it all apart and here's what I've found. No burnt tracers anywhere on the board - all data ribbons are good and connected. It will not turn on. When the battery is in the LED on the power cable comes on amber like its charging - so I'm pretty sure the DC board is still good. If the battery is removed though the LED turns off and I get nothing. The kid I bought it from tried a new battery and it was to no avail. I had it ALL apart and was able to fully put it back together and the LED for when the battery is in still turns on - so I don't think I broke anything.
Any others have problems like this? Thanks again guys