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Aptmunich 11-06-2004 11:27 AM

Purchase help - what next?
Hi guys,

Since my agonising 256/512 MB ram upgrade decision, I'm now looking for ways to expand by 'books capabilities.

Basically I'm looking at a few potential things I might want for christmas...

a) TV tuner
b) DVD burner
c) bluetooth mouse & keyboard with stand.

Now, to explain:
a)I live in a small apartment (1 room) with my girlfriend, and we don't have anywhere to put a full sized TV. A LCD TV is currently too expensive.
What I do have is a LCD projector (borrowed from my father since last december...) that we occasionally set up to watch movies on.

Now, we don't watch much TV anyway, so I would probably use the iBook just to watch the news every now and then, and would record favourite shows and watch them on the projector later.

Which tuner would you recommend? I don't think our area has DVB-T coverage yet, but that will probably come late 2005...should I hold out until then?

b) A dvd burner is always handy, especially when your internal & external harddrives are beginning to feel decidedly tight...

c)I have an internal bluetooth module, so I'd like to get a stand and wireless keyboard/mouse to help unclutter my desk.

It needs to be a 2-button mouse though... any suggestions there?



Desolate One 11-06-2004 12:42 PM

I'm in a similar situation as you and with the choices you've given I would go for the BT mouse & KB w/ stand. Case in point, you don't watch too much tele so the tuner is out. The DVD burner is nice, however if you don't mind the loss in quality just compress it down using DivX to save space. Besides you state that you only bring the projector our every now and then.
While I'm getting used to the smaller KB and the track pad on my iBook, I still find myself making stupid typos, not to mention a physical mouse just feels more precise IMO.

Aptmunich 11-07-2004 08:07 AM


Plus I do need to type quite a bit, so I'd probably be doing my wrists a favour by getting a proper keyboard...

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