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    Optimal amount of ram for ibook.....

    I have to upgrade my ibook ram asap but was having a discussion with a computer "expert" friend of mine. He told me that 512 ram would be more than sufficient for my uses, i.e internet, word processing, light photoshop, music and dvd watching. he told me the performance advantage with going 768 or 1.25 gig would be negligible for the average user. i understand that more ram the better to be safe but is his assessment correct? i am definitely on a shoestring budget after purchasing my ibook as well as other expenses in my life. Advice please? :eek:

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    512 is good enough for what you said. as for photoshop i am not sure since i've never used it. i had a friend that used that program on his powermac. i'd say upgrade to at least 512

    a friend of mine who is in a professional touring major label band uses a 15" PB with 1.25 but he is using some big programs for recording while on tour so... he said that he had no choice but to upgrade to 1.25

    but for what you listed 512 is fine...

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    If you use any creative apps that do not have i- or garage- as a prefix: Add 512MB. If not: 256 should be ok.

    Personally I'm going for 768 as I use some "professional" apps and my girlfriend also has her own user account (that she always leaves logged on) so I figured that will eat some RAM too, so I'm getting more to be on the safe side.

    Right now, it's quite sluggish switching users...

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